Short Drama Submitted to the Festival


Invitation to the competition and festival



The independent association of creative drama NAKED THEATRE in cooperation with WIENZEILE, the Viennese "Supranational Magazine for Literature, Art and Politics", invites submissions to the short-drama festival "ONE NIGHT STAND" in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The festival celebrates the 15th anniversary of Wienzeile and the opening of its branch at the NAKED GALLERY in St. Petersburg.

Submitted plays may be up to 20,000 characters in length. Form and theme are fully at the descretion of the author. English-language submissions must also be presented in Russian translation.

Of the submitted plays 10 will be selected by an international jury, and staged by independent young directors and students of Russian theatre academies. They will be performed in the Theatre Centre STD RF "Na Strastnom" in Moscow and in the "House of Actors" in St. Petersburg in February 2005. These performances will be accompanied by open discussion with the jury and audience.

The three plays most appraised by the jury and audience will be translated into German, and performed again in the context of the RUSSISCHE THEATERNACHT in Vienna. The scripts will be published in the WIENZEILE magazine.

Currently, submitted works can be seen at

Short Drama Submitted to the Festival

The submission of plays to the competition will be closed on

1 January 2005


Submissions may be sent to

wienzeile @ mail . ru


kaospilot @ monochrom . at


Contact telephone numbers

+43-1-9717491 or +43-1-8170242 (Vienna)


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Telephone contacts:
+7-812-1133056  oder  +7-812-2723996  (St.Petersburg)
+43-1-9717491 (Wien)

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